Acer XR382CQK – The Best Widescreen IPS Panel Gaming Monitor Review

It is important to emphasise that curved ultra-wide gaming monitors are still available for a long time. The widescreen of the Acer XR382CQK is a confirmation of the above statement. The widescreen of this device displays powerful gaming chops and top-notch performance. If your quest is to ebb away from the standard 16:9 flat panels, then the Acer XR382CQK remains an excellent choice.

Common Reactions Of The Acer XR382CQK Widescreen From Users:

The panel technology and resolution are some of the everyday things people deliberate on with respect to the widescreen of the device. The adaptive refresh running and speed are also other crucial points of discussion for the product. The normal operating strength of the device is at 75Hz, which may not be a big difference from 60Hz.

Nevertheless, the fifteen FPS may create a huge impact on the response and smoothness of this gaming monitor. It is important to maintain resolution during the speediest period of playing games. During FreeSync operation, the XR usually deactivates its strength without affecting the framerate above sixty FPS. When talking about the IPS monitors, the viewing angles remain the best you can get with the LCD technology.

The Acer XR382CQK Widescreen Performance:

The contrast and color emanating from this widescreen monitor remains great. When talking about image depth and accuracy, the Acer XR382CQK is equally a good product. The picture quality is almost like other upgraded widescreen products in the market. Users will get clearer view after considering the sheer size and curve of the product.

Impacts Of The Product:

One thing is certain about this widescreen monitor; the immersive effect will render you speechless. With the 38 size screens, you will discover that your gaming experience moves to the next level. The image will completely occupy your peripheral vision when at 20-30’’ from the device. Since the immersive effect remains great, you will not want to mind the cost of the product.

Consumers may have experienced a hike in price for early curved monitors with widescreen. Innovative widescreen monitors like the Acer XR382CQK are offering regular and dependable results in recent time. It is crucial to know that a gaming monitor can last for a long time. Investing in this widescreen monitor will be one of the things in your life. The Acer XR382CQK has an immersive screen size, smooth motion processing and superb gaming performance.


  • USB-C input
  • Large screen area
  • FreeSync
  • Perfect curvature
  • Operates at 75Hz
  • 3840 x 1600 resolutions
  • Does not need calibration
  • Clear and bright image


  • Expensive
  • No blur-reduction
  • In FreeSync mode, its overdrive


It is evident that the price of the product remains expensive. However, the innovative and premium features of this widescreen gaming monitor will make you speechless. It will help to boost your gaming experience and give you peace of mind.

With FreeSync, the product can provide you with a stable 75Hz refresh rate. The amazing curved radius of the product makes it easy to play games in total comfort. The on-screen environment will help you get engaged when playing PC games with the device.

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