Best N95 Masks For Coronavirus: Types, Protection, How & When to Use

COVID-19, the coronavirus, according to medical practitioners and researchers, is categorized as relatively easy to transmit. It can be transmitted through physical contact, and like measles, it is airborne. A cough or sneezing of an infected individual could stay in the air, the viral particles of  COVID-19 will Linger in the air exposing people around 6 feet to the virus.

Emphasis recently focuses on the importance of regular hand washing, social distancing and resisting the urge to touch the eyes or mouth. However, the use of Nose masks or N95 mask is equally crucial considering the fact people go about their daily activities and come close to people at work, bus stations, train stations, malls, and various other places.

To predict when someone next you will sneeze, or cough is almost as impossible as recognizing someone who is sick with coronavirus COVID-19. To this end, N95 respirator are very useful and recommended.

The NIOSH (National Institute of occupational safety and health) approved N95 masks for maximum guard against tiny virus particles. Contrary to most regular nose masks, the N95 respirator are designed from extensive research and cutting-edge technology. Especially in the aspect of firmness to the face. A loose mask is very much similar to placing hands over the nose and mouth; plenty of contaminated air will eventually seep through. The N95 masks below are superior to regular masks. Read on to know why.

Best N95 Mask for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

1. The OxyBreath Pro Mask

  • The Nanotechnology design: The definition of cutting-edge technological design. The Oxy breath pro – mask, is built with a nanotechnological design to protect against germs, viruses, and airborne pollutants. It keeps out particulate matter, up to particulate matter 2.5. The droplets of coronavirus are larger; the ox breath pro will conveniently keep the virus out from penetrating mask. In cases of being around someone who sneezed, the mask will shield the lips, nose, and mouth.
  • Portable and firm: Adds comfortability to lightweight and firmness. The Oxy breath pro mask is comfortable to the face; it won’t scratch like the generic low-quality face masks. It stays firm and air won’t flow in through its sides, making it an ideal mask for use to prevent the spread coronavirus infection. The air the nose will take in, or the mouth as the case may be, will be filtered air only. You won’t feel the urge to take it off or endure bitterly due to heaviness. The Oxy breath pro is lightweight and can stay on for a long time.
  • Modifiable: The clips fixed with it gives room for adjustment. For larger or smaller faces, the clips can be used to adjust to facing size and desired firmness. To use and dispose of is an option, the mask can be cleaned and used again.
  • 5- carbon covering: Oxy breath pro is a carbon filter mask. Its layers of activated carbon impurities, filtering out airborne viruses such as the novel coronavirus. Leaving you pure, fresh air to breathe all-day.

2. Safe Mask

N95 designed yet another mask with also a capability to prevent the spread viruses and air pollutants. Safe mask can be an alternative face masks to the Oxy Breath Pro. Fix the N95 safe mask as you carry out day to day activities and protect yourself from infections. It is good to note that beyond deadly diseases is also the gradual slow killing particles found in the air as a result of industrial activity. A safe mask should be part of your health care package.

  • Nanotechnology: It’s a nanotechnology mask. It keeps out little air particles that are non-visible to the eyes. The mask is designed to sieve oxygen meant for respiration, making healthy breathing possible. In a crowded bus, at work, train station, and all other crowded areas, the safe mask is a good choice, especially in this immediate time of coronavirus spread.
  • Cleaning and flexibility:  A safe mask can be washed after each day’s use. It can be folded, and it won’t get bad or Become useless for future use. Reuse your safe mask again and again.
  • Featherweight: The fear of getting infected burdens many; the last thing they need is a heavy nose mask. The safe mask comes lightweight, easy to carry about, and will last all day without discomfort.

3. Flyalone

Flyalone nose mask comes with extra features and design. The 42 holed nose mask is designed to improve ventilation and prevent fogging within the enclosed area of the nose and mouth. It is fitted with two filter valves, both of which are removable and can be cleansed.

  • Decreased moisture: The fly alone mask has improved ventilation to reduce heat and moisture within the mask. The layered holes are increased for better airflow.
  • Larger surface: The surface area of the flyalone mask is bigger than usual; it covers slightly down to the jaw area. It gives a full fit and pins a little bit higher on the nose. A total safeguard against airborne viruses and pollutions.
  • Cleaning and flexibility: The flyalone mask are easy to clean and be reused. After each day, use, take time to clean the nose mask, and get it ready for another day of use and maximum protection. Protect yourself from diseases.
  • Carbon covering: Its coverings are carbon activated. The layers are ideal for protection and polluted air. It purifies up to 99% of oxygen to be taken in. A guaranty of safe, healthy breath. It shields the mouth and nose area when around people who possibly might sneeze and infected people around with potentially deadly diseases like the CO-VID 19 (Coronavirus) if they are infected already.
  • Light: Similar to most N95 nose mask, the flyalone comes in a lightweight design. It will remain fixed to the face all-day with zero discomforts or heaviness to the user. Protection without pain! It can be used both in temperate as well as humid regions of the world. It comes in colors to choose from.

As the spread of coronavirus continues, protect yourself in whatever simple and reasonable way possible. Make sure to use a nose mask regularly, especially in a crowded area or while tending to someone sick. And of course, always remember to wash your hands!

OxyBreath Pro Review 2020 – Is this Antipollution Breathing Mask Any Good?

Viruses are microscopic organisms, and they can float in air. Air pollution plays a vital role in airborne diseases such as coronavirus. This makes viral disease like flu, SARS, Coronavirus, and other related illness highly contagious. For instance, flu is a respiratory disease that causes an infected person to sneeze and cough. When this happens, the surrounding air becomes contaminated, and people around can get infected once the virus make contact with their mouth or nose. Therefore, it is essential to protect the air that passes through our respiratory tract. And, I am confident to introduce the OxyBreath Pro mask as an effective means of protecting yourself against air pollution that might be injurious to your health.

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It is no longer news that Coronavirus is spreading fast across some countries in the world, leading to greater number of casualties around the globe. I would like to recommend this great product to people who are looking to safeguard their health by filtering out harmful particles, preventing them from gaining access to their body system. The OxyBreath Pro is a protective face mask that keeps you safe wherever you go. With this product, you don’t have to worry if someone sneezes or coughs beside you.

What is OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro is said to be an effective full nose, top-quality air mask that is designed to cover your full nose and mouth, allowing you to breathe in unpolluted air. It protects you from airborne micro particles like viruses, allergens, and bacteria.  A lot pf people have been buying the face mask around the world to filter contamination, prevent deadly virus from getting into their body system.

OxyBreath Pro Features, Specification, and Performance

This product comes with myriads of top-quality features that will help you stay safe everywhere you go.  Here are some features you need to know:

  • Full protection

The product offers maximum protection against all diseases causing micro-organism floating in the air. With OxyBreath Pro, you are protected from viruses, allergens, and bacteria.

  • Reusable

OxyBreath Pro can be used over and over again. The product is not designed to be disposable. All you need to do is wash it before putting it on again.

  • Comfortable

The use of OxyBreath Pro does not come with any discomfort.

  • PM 2.5

The product has a PM 2.5 rating, which means the OxyBreath has the capability to filter off particles larger 2.5 micrometer.

  • Fits all Faces

One unique feature of this face mask is that it can be stretched to fit faces of varying sizes.

  • Light in weight

According to the claims of the manufacturer, OxyBreath Pro is light in weight. This feature makes it comfortable to wear.

  • Washable

The air mask can be washed as many times as possible

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work?

The product works by filtering contaminants larger than PM 2.5 with the aid of nanotechnology dust-free air filter.

With its PM 2.5 rating, OxyBreath Pro will protect the wearer from viruses, allergens, bacteria, and micro particles.

How to use OxyBreath Pro

OxyBreath Pro is designed to protect your health by filtering out contaminants or microorganism that could have gained access to your body system through your nose and mouth.  It is a five layered air mask designed with Velcro brands to cover your full nose and mouth.  The product is easy to use; all you need to do is to put it on working in a dusty environment or before leaving the house. The use of the product should be discontinued when it is damaged.

OxyBreath Pro Specifications

  • Nonwoven particle filtration fabric that boost the rate of airflow through nonwoven and woven filter.
  • Activated carbon filter blocks impurities and contaminants
  • PM 2.5 Nanotechnology filter protects from tiny particles like dust
  • Advanced dual micro filter technology removes algae, sediment particles, and bacteria.

OxyBreath Pro Cost

The price of this product stands at $49. There are additional discounts for customers buying in bulk. Here is the breakdown of the OxyBreath Pro Pricing system:

  • One Mask $49 plus Free Shipping
  • Two Masks $69 plus Free Shipping
  • Three Mask $98 plus Free Shipping
  • Four Mask $123 plus Free Shipping
  • Five Mask $135 Plus Free Shipping

The more the number of full nose mask you buy, the less your payment. You can pay via MasterCard, Paypal, or Visa on the OxyBreath Pro sales page.

Where to buy OxyBreath Pro?

If you aim at buying this product, you can get it in countries like Australia, United States of America, and Canada. It will interest you to know that OxyBreath Pro is currently being sold at 50% discount.


OxyBreath Pro is an excellent permeability mask with awesome ventilation design.  The product was produced based on rigorous researches carried out by top engineers.  The products did not fail to meet my expectations as it is durable, washable and breathable.  Apart from that, OxyBreath Pro is a combination of carbon soft, high-quality microfiber fabrics.

Now, Is the OxyBreath Pro PM 2.5 masks any good? Yes, it comes as a saving grace at this time when the world is battling with the outbreak of coronavirus.  With OxyBreath Pro mask, your protection against deadly viruses and other contaminants is guaranteed. It is a worthwhile anti-pollution measures that should be embraced by anyone who wants to protect themselves and their household from any fast-spreading viral infection.