PlayStation Plus: Free Games For September 2018 Revealed

It is confirmed that PS Plus will be unleashing free games to subscribers around September 2018. If you are a regular subscriber on the platform, then expect some amazing games in the month of September. Marvel’s Spider-Man is mere days from release according to several reliable sources. The PS management is doing everything to give you some amazing free games for the month of September.

The free gift will commence with Destiny 2. This remains a top-notch game that came out in less than one year ago. If you want to download Destiny 2, it is now free for regular subscribers. Apart from this, you can also enjoy quality games such as Sparkle 2, Foul Play, QUBE Director’s Cut, Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, Here They Lie, Knowledge is Power and God of War III: Remastered. On the 4th of September, subscribers will be able to get other titles for free. Prior to the release of these free games, you have the opportunity to download old ones of the previous month.

According to reliable sources, PS Plus has finally made an announcement to dish out free games for the month of September. Every leak about this announcement will be found in display any moment from now. Following Sony’s normal schedule of events, the games are already onboard for subscribers to watch. This process also follows as Microsoft is making a huge announcement of providing users with an incentive for the September Xbox Games with a Gold subscription.

Sparkle 2 is one of the games that PS Plus will be given players for free in September. The gameplay and features of the game are something you should not miss out from. If you are a regular subscriber on the platform, it is time to wear your big pant and watch this game. It is full of excitement, intrigue, and a tough storyline to captivate your attention. Players will be excited by watching Foul Play which remains another game that you get from PS Plus in the month of September for free. If you want to see the exigency of facts, then it is a good idea to watch Foul Play. It exposes the truth in the event of the game and makes you learn some great lessons in life.

QUBE Director’s Cut will also be given to players for free by PS Plus. If you think ignoring games is good, then rethink. This is because this game is loaded with amazing scenes and actions to make you understand what life is all about. From adventure to business and actions, this game will help you see the reality. Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition will make you remain busy throughout the day.


This content is a shout out to every PS Plus fans to get their pant ready for the month of September. As the platform is getting ready to surprise gamers with amazing games, you should be the first person to enjoy this benefit. On this note, you can tune your device on September to start to enjoy your free games.

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